Crack in mahogany furniture

This is the problem that scares many people when they hear about mahogany furniture.

Mahogany wood is very susceptible to humidity of surrounding. This is because of its texture that has a large pore. Many people said that this wood ‘moves’. In the mahogany furniture, we often found that doors or drawers were not flat while it’s closed. This happen  after  some period of time put in your room. This is the result of the ‘movement’ of mahogany wood. Another consequence of this movement is a crack in the joints of wood.
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Wisanka which have 14 years experience in producing mahogany furniture has been successfully manage these properties. So it will not cause a major problem on a mahogany furniture.
We do pre-production process to achieve the optimal level of moisture contents. As this is very important in furniture production.

However, mahogany wood with an optimum moisture content is not enough. So we apply the floating construction to provide shrinkage space for this mahogany wood.

Floating construction allows wood to move by it’s shrinkage so that the inner insistence will not break the wooden joint. This is how Wisanka managed the mahogany properties so that it will beautify your rooms. Our experience in the furniture manifested in the quality of our each product.

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