F.A.Q Mahogany Furniture


How is Mahogany Wood ?
Mahogany is a tropical reddish-brown hardwood with medium grain.

How is the characteristic of Mahogany wood ?
This wood is not exactly belonging to the family of hardwood. The moisture content of this wood is a bit higher and the fiber is soft a little bit. That’s why this wood is more suitable for indoor purpose rather than outdoor.

Do you use kiln-dried wood for your furniture and how is the moisture content ?
Yes we do. Before being assembled as furniture, the wood needs to be kiln dried for certain moisture content depends on the purpose. The moisture contents are:

a. 1-2 cm thickness MC 12%-15%
b. 5-3 cm thickness MC 12%-17%
c. 5 cm thickness and up MC 15%-18%

What type of finishing do you have ?
Lacquer, a type of finishing process using shellac applied with manual paint brush.
Wax, a type of finishing process using wood stain applied with manual paint brush.
NC Spray, a type of finishing process using Nitro Cellulose material applied with sprayer.
Paint, a type of finishing process using paints. That can be done in both way of manual paint brush or sprayer.

Is your furniture done by machinery process ?
Our furniture is done in both ways of machinery and handmade.

The machinery process furniture, request big quantity per-each container order depends on the models selected by the buyer. The handmade furniture request less quantity. It means that the buyer may choose more models for one container order.
What is handmade furniture ?
Handmade furniture is the furniture that built and assembled in small workshop with simple tool instead of modern-arranged machine.

Do you manufacture the furniture in house-production ?
Yes for the machinery process furniture. But for the handmade furniture, we do in some small warehouses of our carpenter out side the factory.

How do you control the quality ?
We have a team of quality controller that continuously follow the production process.

What is the biggest different between the machinery processed furniture and handmade furniture ?
The machinery process furniture is absolutely precise and well assembled.
While the handmade furniture is less precise, but doesn’t mean that this product is not strong. The nature of these items mean that dimensions may vary slightly, no uniform size for the same article. The advantage of handmade furniture process is less cost compared from machinery processed furniture.

Is it possible to do custom design ?
Yes possible, as long the design is compatible to the characteristic of mahogany wood. Send your designs to us by e-mail or fax completed with the measurement and another detail preference then we will carry on.

What kind of product do you have ?
We have bed, cabinet, sideboard, dresser, table, chair and much more.

Beside mahogany, are you able to produce the furniture with another type of wood ?
Yes we are. We have bayur, trembesi, mango and another fruit tree wood.

Why should we choose you ?
We have been in this business since 1993 and our products have been sale worldwide.


F.A.Q Mahogany Furniture